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What's New in StockXloader

For StockXloader 3 customers:

Compared with StockXloader 3, there are so many things that are new in StockXloader 4, so the best way to get acquainted with the new version is to read the features list. Most of those features are either completely new or enhanced relative to version 3. Perhaps the most striking new things are:

As a convenience for users of StockXloader 3, version 4 can automatically import your existing version 3 ticker lists into the new version, and it will thereafter operate completely independent of StockXloader 3. This way, you have a safe backup to your well-proven old workflow. Keep the old version and the old ticker lists until you are comfortable with the new version.

For StockXloader 4 customers:

Sorted in descending chronological order (most recent items are topmost).

4.2   2014-08-13

New Feature:
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility:
Improvements and bug fixes:

4.1.1   2013-09-18

Improvements and bug fixes:

4.1   2013-05-24

New Features:
Bug fixes:

4.0.5   2012-11-25

New Features:
Improvements and bug fixes:

4.0: First release of StockXloader 4, 2012-09-03

Relative to StockXloader 3, this is a completely rewritten major release. StockXloader 4 has had 9 private beta releases before this public release. For features of StockXloader 4, see the features list.

In any new release of StockXloader, there is a Release Notes included with the StockXloader package that contains a detailed list of changes for every version, and it may list any known "issues". We recommend you to take a look at it. When StockXloader discovers that there is a new version available, it will also display a simplified list of changes.

Known issues:

Printing: The new ability in version 4.0.5 to print a ticker list only provides basic printing — no headers and no intelligent page breaks. It is meant for simple needs. We do not expect that users will archive such printouts.

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