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Getting Yahoo quotes from any stock market


Mac OS

StockXloader 4.2

Supports the latest Mac OS X Yosemite.
Optimized for Retina Macs.



What is StockXloader, and what can it do for you?

And best of all: You can try out a full and completely uncrippled version of StockXloader for evaluation up to 60 days — completely free of charge! Try before you buy!


StockXloader 4.2
Release date: 2014-08-13

Download StockXloader Now!

It downloads as a dmg image file of less than 5 MB.
Includes 60 days free uncrippled trial!


License key

Purchase StockXloader — Pricing

The full price for new customers is €59 — it is not more than what the commission would be for a few trades! Compare that with some of the annual subscription services on offer — and some of them do not even work with Mac OS!

Upgrade pricing is €39 for existing customers of StockXloader 3.

Free updates: StockXloader 3 received no less than 23 completely free updates since its first release in 2004! StockXloader 4 will most likely also see a number of free updates, not just bug fixes, but also feature enhancements. You don't have to pay for yearly upgrades, which is becoming so common these days for software from many companies. It's a one-time fee.

Discounts: BragIt can offer discounts to students or special user groups. See discounts.

Reseller: Share-it of Digital River is the reseller of StockXloader, so they will handle all transactions. For payment options, see customer care service at Share-it offers several currencies, but their conversion rates usually make it best to pay in Euro and let your bank do the conversion.


The Download Controller

What's new?

See What's New (list of changes).

World Map

Where is StockXloader used?

See the list of more than 40 countries where StockXloader is used:
Worldwide distribution.

System Requirements

ProTA or Excel or iWork or other applications?

Although StockXloader has been primarily designed for use with ProTA, its use goes way beyond that, since you can set Preferences to instead import the data into MS Excel or iWork Numbers or TextEdit or your default application for text files, or you can have StockXloader simply show the file in Finder so that you can easily drag & drop the file onto some other application. For ProTA, it will work with either ProTA or ProTA Gold.

If you want to try out the combination of ProTA and StockXloader before you consider any purchase, you can do that. First, download and install ProTA (; it will run in Trial Mode without a license key, then download and install StockXloader. Run StockXloader, which will work with ProTA up until the control is handed over to ProTA; when ProTA is supposed to create new ticker files, it won't do that of course, since that is precisely the limitation of ProTA when it is in Trial Mode, but it will nevertheless clearly show how these programs operate in your environment.

For users of ProTA or ProTA Gold, we recommend you to update to version 3.25 of ProTA (Gold), which makes it compatible with both Mountain Lion 10.8 and Mavericks 10.9.

Historical relation

StockXloader 4 was first released in September 2012. It was a successor of StockXloader 3 released in 2004, which was a successor of Börsladdaren 2 released in 2002.

What's in the name 'StockXloader'?

The 'X' in 'StockXloader' may either stand for 'exchange' or for 'Mac OS X', or both. The preferred association is: "Stock exchange loader", pronounced "stockexloader".

Vintage StockXloader 3?

Those who have a payed license for version 3, and can not or will not upgrade to version 4, can download the last version of StockXloader 3, namely the dmg file for version 3.4.8. Note, however, that we no longer provide support for version 3.

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